New Creation

H2Electro is a deep-tech hydrogen startup using novel materials to develop cost-effective technologies, helping to achieve the goals of green transition.



The novel approach originates from our partnership and long term research in Tartu University.

Together we are developing novel solid oxide materials that could be applied in longer-term electrolysis of water at higher temperatures than is possible with the electrolysers currently in use. This approach will allow a 10 times longer working lifetime with twice the average efficiency than other technology, thus significantly reducing the cost of green hydrogen.

High temperature lowers the overvoltage of water degradation and thus increases the efficiency of water degradation, significantly reducing the cost of hydrogen.

H2Electro OÜ, a subsidiary of Thule Capital AS, will have an industrially scalable working prototype ready by 2023 and will start production by 2025.

The electrolyser is an important link in the cycle of producing green hydrogen, helping to store wind and solar energy as hydrogen.


The electrolyser makes it possible to replace fossil fuels, such as
natural gas, with renewable energy.

The main uses of hydrogen are:

  • Steel industry
  • Production of fertilisers
  • Fuel refining and synthetic fuels
  • Energy storage

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