LHV Women’s Run 2024🏃‍♀️

LHV Women’s Run 2024🏃‍♀️

Successful companies understand the power of sports in uniting team members, fostering company culture, and enhancing performance, all while prioritizing the health of their workforce. At H2Electro, we embrace this strategy wholeheartedly.

In a remarkable showcase of dedication to wellness, Laura Sipelgas, our Investor Relations Manager, recently took part in the prestigious LHV Women’s Run 2024. Known for her unwavering determination, Laura’s exceptional drive was not only evident in her professional endeavors but also in her remarkable achievement of securing the 290th place out of over 20,000 total participants. This remarkable feat not only speaks volumes about Laura’s commitment to fitness but also underscores her ability to excel in challenging environments. Congratulations to Laura on this outstanding accomplishment!

The May Run, Estonia’s premier women’s exercise event, which took place over this past weekend, began in 1988 under the May Club’s banner, attracting 16,000 participants over the years. Influencing exercise trends, it’s a cornerstone for female health and fitness in Estonia, empowering a quarter-million women over 35 years to engage in physical activities along a 7 km course for both runners and walkers.

This event not only celebrates women’s participation in sports but also fosters a community where individuals can thrive and connect, transcending boundaries and propelling positive change. Laura Sipelgas’s involvement exemplifies H2Electro’s dedication to employee well-being and empowerment. Congratulations to Laura and all participants for championing a healthier, more connected future through sports!


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