H2Electro strategy partners:

University of Tartu: On 01.09.2021, H2Electro initiated a collaboration with the University of Tartu to develop an electrolyser demo stack and to test the proof-of-concept of all-ceramic fuel electrodes. 

DynElectro: DynElectro offers a unique method extending the life expectancy of solid oxide electrolysers (SOEs) from two years up to ten years. Dynamic control is deployed to offset intermittent power within green fuel production. They have proprietary technologies which can unlock the significant potential to reduce the cost of green hydrogen. They design and manufacture a novel method to produce green hydrogen using commercially available hardware.

H2Electro cooperation partners:


XRP Ledger Foundation 


H2Electro is a member of:

European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Hydrogen Europe

Estonian Hydrogen Association

Member ofEstonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry