Solid oxide electrolyser stack

  • 100% Electrical Efficiency
  • Waste Heat Utilization
  • Co-Electrolysis
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Cutting-edge SOECs
  • No Protective Gas Needed
  • Cost-Effective
  • Drastic BOP Cost Reduction
  • Scalable
  • Production of Green Hydrogen
  • Versatile Applications
  • Eco-Friendly Sustainability
  • High-Temperature Operation
  • Robust
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Enhanced Energy Security

Model HS-5 HSL-12 HSL-25
Electrolyser type Solid Oxide Solid Oxide Solid Oxide
Type of cells HC-12 HC-16 HC-16
Power consumption at 100% capacity 5 000 W 12 000 W 25 000 W
H2 production rate* 3.1 kg/24h 7.4 kg/24h 15.4 kg/24h
H2 production in Nm3/h 1.4 Nm3/h 3.4 Nm3/h 7.1 Nm3/h
Input water purity Deionized Deionized Deionized
Operating temperature 800–850 °C 800–850 °C 800–850 °C
Efficiency at max power 86% 86% 86%
Size (W×L×H) 170×192×152 mm 210×232×180 mm 210×232×340 mm
Weight 11 kg 21 kg 37 kg

Unleash the transformative force of the green transition with H2Electro's solid oxide electrolyser stacks, a pivotal component in a complete electrolyser system. These stacks, created by connecting solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs) in series, redefine efficiency and sustainability in hydrogen production. Crafted from our ground-breaking fully ceramic single cells, these stacks operate seamlessly at elevated temperatures ranging from 800 to 850°C, resulting in a remarkable 30% increase in efficiency compared to conventional electrolysis technologies. Capitalizing on waste heat generated by industrial processes, such as steel and fertiliser production, our innovative approach enhances the efficiency of steam electrolysis, achieving electrical efficiencies of up to 100%. Moreover, the fully ceramic materials employed in our stacks provide enhanced redox stability and impurity tolerance, eliminating the need for a protective gas atmosphere or extensive gas purification. This, in turn, significantly reduces the Balance of Plant (BOP) costs associated with the electrolyser system. Positioned as a cost-effective and robust solution, H2Electro's SOEC stacks represent the epitome of efficiency, offering electrolyser system manufacturers an unparalleled solution to drive the green transition forward.