High-level visit to representatives of the energy sector in Paris

H2Electro’s CTO, Silver Sepp, is participating in a high-level visit to Paris, accompanied by a business delegation. The main objective of this visit is to foster collaboration between Estonian and French companies and organizations in the energy sector and green technologies.

The visit includes engaging in business meetings with representatives from Estonian and French energy companies, investors, and experts in the field. These discussions are focused on addressing the challenges faced by the energy sector and exploring the potential of hydrogen, renewable energy, and green technologies. Panels and discussions are being held on key topics such as the future of hydrogen and its applications in key sectors of Estonia and France, the role of greentech in decarbonizing society and industries, and the importance of energy storage in facilitating a successful energy transition.

In addition to the business meetings, the delegation is also attending the Vivatech startup fair, providing an opportunity to connect with various energy companies and explore innovative solutions in the sector.