EVOLEN’ UP accelerator

EVOLEN’ UP accelerator

H2Electro’s very glad to share, that we were selected to participate in EVOLEN’ UP accelerator. Our presentation appealed to the partners, who gave us their positive feedback and expressed their enthusiasm to continue discussions. 🚀

The EVOLEN’ UP mission is to open up EVOLEN’s industrial ecosystem to all startups with innovative solutions in order to meet the energy challenges of today and tomorrow.

EVOLEN supports companies and professionals in the Energy sector in the development of sustainable, reliable and economical solutions accessible to all, in order to jointly succeed in the energy transformation towards carbon neutrality by 2050.



A unique access to decision-makers and industry experts:

  • ACCESS TO EVOLEN NETWORK AND BUSINESS NETWORKING. An extensive network of more than 250 qualified professionals, industrials, research centres, etc. to cover the whole energy value chain, a set of meetings dedicated to the energy sector, promotion through media.
  • TEST FACILITIES AND INDUSTRIAL SITE FOR EXPERIMENTATION PROJECTS. An exciting opportunity for startups to co-build, test and validate solutions on-site at corporates partners.
  • CREATING AND DEVELOPING INVESTOR-STARTUP RELATIONS. Increase visibility and credibility in the market and among investors, support to set up an investment plan, get in touch and collaborate with strategic and targeted investors (e.g. business angels, venture capital, etc.) in the business sectors of EVOLEN’ UP.
  • METHODOLOGICAL AND BUSINESS SUPPORT. An exclusive access to experts in the partners network, training plans, tailored action plans, analysis of the environment (e.g. market, competitors, threats, opportunities, etc.).