H2Electro and Enefit Solutions Cooperation

H2Electro and Enefit Solutions Cooperation

H2Electro and Enefit Solutions have signed a memorandum of understanding, paving the way for future collaboration in advancing hydrogen production technology. This partnership holds promising potential for bolstering Estonia’s energy security.

H2Electro and Enefit Solutions are commencing collaboration on the development of an electrolyser, a device necessary for hydrogen production. The electrolyser’s role is to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity.

H2Electro is developing solid oxide electrolysis cells, and in 2024, the company has progressed from laboratory testing to real-world implementation. Enefit Solutions complements this by developing the surrounding systems, integrating H2Electro’s components into the electrolyser. Initial phases involve testing small-scale electrolysis cells to assess their productivity and reliability. The experiences gained can then be applied to larger-scale systems. Negotiations are being held within the cooperation agreement to open up specific development projects and create products based on them.


This collaboration with Enefit Solutions is a significant step forward for H2Electro, leveraging local expertise for efficient product development. With a strong partner like Enefit Solutions in Estonia’s domestic market, we are poised to make waves internationally.


Learn more about this exciting collaboration in the article “Enefit Solutions hakkab katsetama vesiniku tootmise tehnoloogiat” (Enefit Solutions to Begin Testing Hydrogen Production Technology): https://rohe.geenius.ee/rubriik/uudis/enefit-solutions-hakkab-katsetama-vesiniku-tootmise-tehnoloogiat/


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