H2Electro board member Henrik Hal: ’’Achieving global climate targets and furthering the current industrial revolution on a wider scale requires a fundamental change in the energy source that we use. There is a clear global trend towards renewable green energy, which – if incorporated in stages – should reduce greenhouse gas emissions and give clean energy a healthy competitive advantage. This trend has become irreversible and requires a globally adaptable and sustainable energy architecture.

H2Electro is developing the next generation electrolyser to produce green hydrogen. Our aim is to bring the price of hydrogen down so that both the transition to green energy as well as the industrial revolution can take place. In short: We are going to build the leading energy machine of the 21st century that empowers the ongoing industrial revolution. We will develop a highly cost-effective way to produce hydrogen – the energy carrier of the century.

H2Electro joined Rohetiiger because we have common directions – to create and implement environmentally friendly practices in all sectors and to develop a balanced economy. This cooperation platform gives us the opportunity to think along and communicate with companies that have a similar vision and mission.”

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