🌟 Exciting partnership alert: DynElectro teams up with H2Electro for hydrogen innovation! 🤝

We are excited to announce, that  DynElectro and H2Electro signed a long-term cooperation agreement. 🤝

Key aspects of the partnership:

DynElectro offers a unique method extending life expectancy of solid oxide electrolysis (SOE) from two years up to ten years. Dynamic control is deployed to offset intermittent power within green fuel production. We have proprietary technologies which can unlock significant potential to reduce the cost of green hydrogen. We design and manufacture a novel method to produce green hydrogen using commercially available hardware.

H2Electro will provide a next-generation solid oxide electrolysis cells and stacks. Theirs innovation is the use of all-ceramic fuel electrodes. This novel approach enables lowering the high balance of plant costs of solid oxide electrolysers by 20% and increases their stability. More durable and robust electrolysers -> lower price for green hydrogen.


🚀 Both H2Electro and DynElectro are developing complementary technologies that largely help eliminate the degradation that currently limits the lifetime of the SOE cells.