Estonian energy sector delegation visit to South-Korea, 1st-5th April 2024

Estonian energy sector delegation visit to South-Korea, 1st-5th April 2024

🌍 We’re thrilled to share that the H2Electro team is actively participating in the Estonian energy sector delegation visit to South Korea, taking place from April 1st to 5th, 2024. Joining this esteemed delegation, Henrik Hal, H2Electro CEO, and Silver Sepp, H2Electro CTO, will provide a comprehensive overview of H2Electro’s innovative activities and contributions.

This mission is pivotal as it enables us to delve into lucrative business opportunities and key sectors within the target market, while forging invaluable business connections. Our agenda includes strategic meetings, providing deep insights into sector-specific markets, enhancing communication channels, and nurturing relationships with influential stakeholders. Notable engagements include interactions with prestigious institutions such as the Korea Energy Agency (KEA) and Hyundai Motor Company’s Hydrogen Research Center.

Between meetings, H2Electro had the privilege of providing an interview to Korea’s largest technology news channel, further amplifying our presence and mission in the region.
#Korea presents promising prospects for Estonian companies within the energy sector. With its burgeoning renewable energy industry and ambitious goal to achieve carbon neutrality and 100% clean hydrogen by 2050, Korea demonstrates a steadfast commitment to a sustainable future. The nation’s proactive promotion of the hydrogen economy positions it as a global leader in the transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Join us in championing #EnergySecurity, paving the path towards a #GreenFuture, and fostering international #Cooperation in advancing #GreenEnergy initiatives, including #Hydrogen and #Electrolyzers.
Let’s unite in propelling towards a greener, more sustainable future together!

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