We value our team- deployment scientist Silver Sepp

We value our team!

H2Electro would like to introduce our deployment scientist Silver Sepp. He responsibility is to ensure smooth cooperation between the company and the University of Tartu and to prepare and carry out scientific projects. Silver joined our team in January 2022.

Silver Sepp has a master’s degree from University of Tartu in materials science and a PhD in chemistry. In his PhD dissertation, Silver developed a methodology for the production and testing of PEM (proton-exchange membrane) fuel cells using a variety of innovative carbon materials. This methodology was also used successfully in the Auve Tech hydrogen self-driving car project. As a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University and at the University of Turku, Silver investigated the new generation of flow batteries by developing an experimental methodology. He also works as a football referee for a hobby!

We value Silver’s work very much and hope that our cooperation will continue for many years!
Good job Silver!

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