The opening event of the Metrosert Applied Research Center

The opening event of the Metrosert Applied Research Center

At the grand opening of the Metrosert Applied Research Center on May 8 at their Tallinn office, Henrik Hal (CEO) and Silver Sepp (CTO) had a fantastic time representing H2Electro. The event was truly insightful and engaging!

It was a valuable opportunity to engage with key players from academia, businesses, and government agencies, exploring innovation and collaboration in the research-intensive economy. Discussions centered on the pivotal role of applied research in advancing industries and strengthening the research and business ecosystem. Under the guidance of Urmas Vaino, the event featured enriching talks by industry experts and partners.

Key moments included:

  • Stimulating presentations and panel discussions on cross-sector collaboration
  • Engaging networking sessions and informative Metrosert lab tours


Metrosert’s applied research center offers businesses innovative solutions, from calibration services to research and development activities. Grateful for the chance to contribute to discussions shaping the future of research and business partnerships!

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